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Our Passion

Treating people fairly.... 
We support fair trade. We have a strong desire to help support people getting out of poverty. There are conditions throughout this world that we cannot even imagine. To think that children are living in garbage dumps and women are sold in human trafficking... it just isn't right. We sell items that are hand made by artisans throughout the world who are paid a fair price for their products. Yes, the cost of the item might be a little higher than mass-produced "Made in China" items, but the quality is far superior and the workers are getting paid fairly- we think it's worth it! (And don't get me wrong- there are some great products that come from China- some of our green teas are from China... we just do not the products that are poisoning our children and families.) We also use some raw ingredients that are harvested around the globe (coffee and chocolate for example.) These materials are also certified fair-trade (as well as organic but I'll let you read up on why we choose organic...) We do not support taking advantage of people who live in regions that are ideal for producing goods that we use. We think paying a little extra for a fair wage is important.

Supporting fellow Americans... We think that America is a great nation because of small businesses. We strive to support fellow small businesses through the sale of locally-made American products. Again, we think that handmade American products are by far better than mass-produced, lead-containing, cheaply made products.

Being a light in this world...
All too often I hear that there are no "good businesses" around anymore. Hogwash! We are a business dedicated to treating customers well and we truly appreciate each and every customer that walks in our door or places an order online. We strive to be a place where you can come in and feel like you are our family. You will get exceptional customer service (but if for some reason someone is having a bad day we hope that you would be merciful with him/her!) and we will go out of our way to make you feel special.

Supporting missionaries...
We believe in sending people out to help other parts of the world. We support sending missionaries to spread the Good News, to help feed hungry children, to clothe those who are without, and to teach the uneducated. We hope that you too desire to help those who are truly impoverished. We donate at least 10% of net profits to feeding the hungry and helping to get people out of dire poverty.